How Katherine Found the Perfect Lot for Rob

We bought our first house with them and they did so well, or Katherine rather did so well that when it was time to sell our house [and] build another one we not only used her to sell our old house but also to buy a lot and to get in contact with a good builder. We actually almost didn’t sell our house, we just weren’t finding anything that we wanted for a price that we could afford. I actually had called Katherine and told her that we were going to take our house off the market, she didn’t pick up, she was with a customer or something and so I left her message. And she called me back and I was about to tell her to take the house off the market and she said wait before you say anything, a house just came on the market five minutes ago and I think it’s exactly what you want, but it’s going to go fast, it’s a foreclosure, so I think we need to meet tonight. So I said alright, let’s go do it. She wrote up the contract within five minutes and we were on a lot looking at it and made the purchase almost instantly.

— Katherine